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Mars100 -Watt Solar  Charger with Power Dome EX 400
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Mars100 -Watt Solar Charger with Power Dome EX 400

Mars100 -Watt Solar Charger with Power Dome EX 400

The Wagan 400-Watt Power Dome EX is a powerful portable power source designed to provide AC and DC power and functionality wherever you need it. Built around a rechargeable 18 amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery, the Power Dome EX provides enough jumpstarting power to revive all but the largest of car batteries, while its built-in 260 PSI air compressor can be used to quickly inflate car tires and sports equipment. It contains one DC outlet and two grounded AC outlets which utilize the built-in 400 watt inverter. Additional features include: heavy-duty 6 gauge / 24 inch battery clamps, a 5-LED work light, a USB power port, a built-in AM/FM radio, an audio output jack and more.
  • Key Features
  • 600 Amp jump starter with heavy duty cable and clamps
  • 260 PSI high flow air compressor with easy-read analog pressure gauge for inflating tires and accessories
  • 400 watt power inverter (800 watts peak)
  • Two grounded 115 volt AC outlets
  • One 12 volt accessory outlet for powering DC appliance (loads to 11 Amps)
  • One USB power port for charging/operating cell phones, PDAs, and MP3 players
  • AM/FM radio with built-in speaker and audio input jack for headphones
  • Bright area light � LED type for long battery life
  • AC recharging adapter; DC recharging adapter (fused)
  • Easy-read analog voltmeter for checking battery status
  • Jump start cable polarity indicator for safety
  • Specifications
  • Battery - Sealed lead-acid battery/rechargeable/12 volt/18 amp-hours
  • Work Light - 5 LED
  • Compressor - 260 PSI; 1.5 ft high-pressure air hose; analog gauge
  • Inverter - 2 AC Outlets (115 volts AC 60 Hz)
  • Maximum Inverter Output Power - 400 Watts
  • Peak Power - 800 watts peak surge for a max of 0.3 sec
  • I2V Accessory Outlet - I2 volt, 11 amps max
  • USB Power Port - 5V up to 500 mA
  • AM/FM Radio - AM 520 to 1710 kHz/FM 88 to 108 MHz
  • Audio Output Jack - 3.5 mm diameter (1/8 inch)
  • Max Recharging Time (AC) - 34 hours
  • Max Recharging Time (DC) with Engine Running - 12 hours
  • Jumper Cables and Clamps - 6 Gauge heavy-duty clamps, 24 inches

Style No :  Mars100-EX400
Price :  $469.95

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